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XXLgastro appreciates the trust and the opinions of our customers. We are always open to your suggestions. Thanks to the constant tracking and analyzing the feedback from our customers, we constantly improve our standards and meet the market requirements. That is why we are a leader in the sale of catering equipment online. Our customer service is available day and night. We provide you with the contact form through which you can ask any question. For all the questions we try to answer within a few hours. If you wish to be contacted by phone, we can call you back at any time. We believe that by so easily accessible and convenient form of communication, we will be able to quickly and professionally respond to 100% asked for your questions. If you depend on the time, we remain amenable also by phone. We apologize if we cannot pick up the phone immediately. Due to the great interest in our shop, our consultants are always available by phone, but it may happen that they will be busy. Some of your questions require specialist consultation, so that consultants do not always give you an answer right away. Like the contact form, and we will always respond within a few hours. We hope that this will meet with your understanding. We do not want to say you that XXLgastro is the best shop in the industry, but we are sure you’ll find yourself! We are always at your service!